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The Homeland of Woods

Self-publishing, Publication

For︎︎︎ Hei Wa Wong

115 x 150 mm, 128pp
Tradtional Chinese and English
Edition of 150

Design and production︎Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO)
Printing︎ Suncolour Printing
Translator︎ Hei Man Cheung

A book to my 22-year-old self.”

I have become 29. I still appreciate your traceless courage, to have run into an out-of-language mountain town and grown a part of yourself into the hills with scattered roots, so you could have a place to return to when you’re out in the foreign landscape. The 4-day journey was like a pursuit and practice, all of the restlessness and perplexity has now become a form of longing and homesickness.
I was reading a line a couple of days back, “I see the enchantment of the green hills and the hills see the same in me”.

Regards sent to my 22-year-old self."