a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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fingerKINO is a creative studio (Cologne/Hong Kong), offering design solutions in the fields of video, photography and publication. Any creative collaborations and ideas are very welcomed, come say hi ︎

hi@fingerkino.com / instagram

︎What fingerKINO offers*

Video (Directing/Filming /Post-production)
Photography (Shooting /Editing)
Performance Documentation
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Brand Identity Design

*available to work in English, German and Chinese

︎Who is fingerKINO

fingerkino is founded by Heiwa Wong. After studying Communication Design for two years at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she moved to Germany and obtained her Bachelor Degree in Integrated Design. She has been working with/for various cultural and academic institutions, artists and performance groups. While fingerKINO demonstrates her design works, her personal website offers a glimpse into her artistic pracitces.

︎Why named fingerKINO 
fingerKINO was inspired by the German word Daumenkino (Flipbook), comprising of Daumen(Thumb) and Kino(Cinema). Not only do we like the visualisation triggered by the word, but also it includes exactly what we do: still image, moving image and print.

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