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a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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Dance Film, Performance

For︎︎︎ Chan Wai Lok

Film Festivals and Screenings
Finalist︎2023 Rollout Dance Film Festival, Macau
Finalist︎2022 Jumping Frames Hong Kong Movement-Image Festival, Hong Kong

Choreographer︎ Chan Wai Lok
Performers︎Chan Wai Lok, Lee Ka Hei

Video & Art Director, Editor︎Wong Hei Wa
Assistant Director & Gaffer︎Yuen Hon Hin
Cinematographer & Gaffer︎Dino Rib
Assistant Art Director︎Boski Chan
Sound Designers 2021︎Karen Yu, Amy Chan

Sound Designers 2022︎Larry Shuen
Costume Designer︎Cheng Nga Yan
Make-up & Hair Stylist︎
Suen Wing-chi

Artistic Adviser︎
Joanna Lee
Jamie Wu
Hong Kong Dance Alliance

“Let’s have a duo, shall we?”

This featured quote of POV, literally stands for Point of View (a category of pornographic films), implicates a lot and conveys very distant meanings when it is placed into different contexts and circumstances. Who said this? What is the occasion? What happened to that “we“? Notwithstanding how complex / direct it could be, this invitation quote, to a very large extent, talks about a duo relationship between two beings.

POV (Something We Have Never Told Ver.) on Nowness.asia


Full version upon request.