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a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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Bachelor Thesis of Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO)

Thesis supervised by︎Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler & Micheal Beil
Author/Designer︎Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO)
Printing︎Katharina Sook Wilting,  Gabriel Fiebelkorn, PPP Pre Print Partner GmbH & Co. KG
PPP Pre Print Partner GmbH & Co. KG
Silkscreen Printing︎ Johannes Mechler & Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO)

By analysing and processing the collected urban footages from both Hong Kong and Cologne, this theoretical-based design project explores how performative quality can be found in daily unconscious movements.

(A) Current Status of Performance art & Introduction of Performance Studie 190 x 110mm, 57 pages
(B) On-site Observations & Analyses 190 x 130mm, 124 pages
(C) Processings of the analysed data 420 x 145mm, 55 pages
Posters: 594 x 420mm
(digital prints with silkscreen printing)
Exhibition: 2019 KISD Parcours, Cologne