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Dance Film


For: Imanniar Susanto
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Editing for Mbaru, a dance film that tells a story of the people of Wae Rebo — a remote traditional community living in a village located on top of a mountain surrounded by deep forests in Flores Island, Indonesia, known for its unique architectural style and strong community values. The film portrays their philosophy of life that closely entails their relationship to God, nature and one another which may offer insights into their unique worldview. Both, the costumes and the choreography convey the culture and traditions of the people of Wae Rebo that preserve the connection between the past, present, and future highlighting their social interaction and important aspects of their social dynamics.


Concept︎Imanniar Susanto

Director︎Fersya Adam
Art Direction︎Imanniar Susanto
Line Producer: Allya Nisa
Choreography︎Eyi Lesar
Dancer︎ Eyi Lesar, Abu Grey, George Teddy, Dyah Koenti Lestari, Dedi Ronald Maniakori, Brevil Piris, Achi Sartika Piris, Rahmat Manufandu, Densiel P. Lebang
Cinematography︎Rasyadan Muhammad
Camera Assisant︎Dea Andira
Photography Assistant︎Andri Tri Yusmawab
Costume Design︎Imanniar Susanto

Video Editing︎Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO) , Raka Suwandhi
Colorist︎Jonas Niemann
DI/VFX︎ Ozi Pathwave
Music & Sound Design︎Günter Otieno Ohlendorf
Sound Mastering︎PH Mastering
Project Manager︎Sabrina Susanto
Equipment︎Ochi Alfonso, Jull