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a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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Advertising, Commercial Video, Promotional Materials

For︎︎︎ NINM Lab

Director/Camera/Edit︎Hei Wa Wong (fingerKINO)
Assistant Art Directors︎ mmmmor Studio, Valentina Beltran
Sound Mixer︎ mmmmor Studio
Boom Operator︎ Jacky Chow
Makeup & Hair︎ Kae Kosugi, Yoko Okuwaki from Yoda Hair
Cast︎ Clara Schramm
Animator︎Matthew Kam
Special Thanks︎ Arryan, Andrew, Perry and Edi

Related Project︎ Long Time No See Photos

A promotional video for NINM Lab’s product, Long Time No See Bluetooth 5.0 CD Player, launched on Kickstarter in Sept 2020.