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a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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Client: NINM Lab

Having “If you are romantic enough” as their philosophy, NINM Lab is passionate about photography, music, coffee and products that are full of rich history. IT’S OK TOO Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Player was launched on November 2021.



② Short CM

Cast: Tai Miu Shan Jackie

Director: fingerKINO
Director of Photography: Chan Hok Lun Allen
Gaffer: Wong Ka Nok
Assistant: Chan Wun Chak
Art Director Assistant (Video): Boski Chan
Art Director Assistant (Photo): Camel Wu
Sound: Chan Tsz Kwan Amy
Make up and Hair: Ar Sze

Editor: fingerKINO
Music: Wong Yat Fung

Special Thanks: Tiffany Lee