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For: Faira

Inspired by the Japanese folklore 鶴の恩返し (The Crane's Return of a Favor), Singer-Song Writer Faira envisioned incorporating elements of this tale into her music video. As someone who also grew up with this folklore, we explored the overlapping moments, emotions, and tensions between the story and the song’s narrative. With several key themes in mind, such as longing, loneliness, distance and the forbidden door that should not have been opened, our production took flight.

Hemisphere Music Video (02’46”)

Produced by fingerkino
Director & DOP ︎@heiwawong (fingerkino)
Art Director Assistant︎@ava_padilla
Stylist︎ @sophia_spies_stylist
Stylist Assistant︎ @comportesevalentina
Editor︎Heiwa Wong
Special Thanks︎ @imanniars , Connie, Ying

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