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a creative studio based in Cologne (DE) and Hong Kong.
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An Experiment in Risograph

Self-publishing. Research, Publication

148 x 205mm + 100 x 100mm, 16 pages + 16 pages

Design and production︎Ann-Kristin Fuchs, Yu-Min Tsai and Hei wa Wong (fingerKINO)
Printing︎ Drucken3000

This project was exhibited in the KISD Parcours 2016 and is featured on Behance︎ and in the book “Duotone—Limited Colour Scheme in Graphic Design”︎.

This project takes a deeper look in Risograph through desktop research and studio visits. Together with Ann-Kristin and Yu-Min, we have created an A5 booklet combining explanatory part and interviews of studios, as well as various applications of Risograph like business cards, calendar and music album.